Is Egg Donation Right for me?


Why Donate Your Eggs?

Giving the gift of parenthood to a loving couple can be the most rewarding experience to an Egg Donor. You are helping an Intended Parents suffering from the disease called Infertility have a child. The joy that you bring into this person or couples life is amazing! In addition, you are compensated generously for your time and commitment to the process.

Wh0 Uses Your Donated Eggs?

A physician will recommend an Intended Parent​ use donor eggs for the following reasons:

  1. The potential to transmit a genetic disease to the child 

  2. Poor quality eggs of the mother 

  3. Premature ovarian failure in which menopause has begun earlier than usual 

  4. Diminished ovarian reserve 

  5. A history of pregnancy failure

Can I have Children of My Own After Donating my Eggs?

Yes. A normal female has a pool of about 400,000 immature eggs called follicles by the time of puberty. From these, only 400,000 will reach maturity and be ovulated. This leaves approximately 399,600 unused. By ovarian stimulation, we develop extra eggs that would otherwise be destroyed. This explains why the normal pool of ovarian follicles is not depleted by egg donation. 


Secure Your Fertility

You may be a student or a woman focused on her career and just not ready to have children. However, one of the causes of infertility is age and you are most fertile in your 20's. So why not save some of your fertile eggs for your future self? 


Starting January 1, 2019, our new loyalty program rewards qualifying Donors that complete 3 consecutive egg retrievals with our agency, the opportunity to save up to 50% of an egg retrieval cycle for that Donor so she may freeze her eggs for her future; and up to 100% for qualifying Donors that complete 5 donation cycles with our agency.  Contact our office for details (888) 569-7790 or email




Do You Qualify to Donate

To qualify, you must be a responsible

reliable, caring and empathetic woman, age 19-28 years with a healthy medical and family history and a non-smoker or tobacco user. Some college or college acceptance is preferred.

How Do I Become a Donor?

The first step is to complete a Preliminary Application.




Once you have completed the 12 simple questions,  contact our office to discuss the entire process, egg donor matches, paid compensation for each match and have of all of your questions answered.  You may Schedule an Appointment or contact us directly by email or phone (888) 569-7790 (toll-free in USA & Canada).

How Long will the Egg Donation 

Process Take? 

Once an egg donor is in cycle, the process is quite short, approximately 4 - 8 weeks. However, before beginning a cycle, an egg donor must be “selected” and this can sometimes takes several months.

Is Egg Donation Anonymous? 

Yes. The process is anonymous and your information is get confidential (read our Notice of Privacy). The Intended Parents view an anonymous profile where your contact and identifying information cannot be seen. When an Intended Parent selects you, they select your assigned ID. Please select on your Application that you wish to be an Anonymous Egg Donor. 


Diversity Fertility  offers each Egg Donor that participates in our Program the opportunity to preserve her fertility for her own future.