Egg Donors of All Races are Matched Quickly 


At Diversity Fertility, we quickly match Asian Egg Donors (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino), Caucasian (White) Egg Donors, East Indian, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Egg Donors with caring and deserving Intended Parents.


Our OSHUN Fertility division quickly matches Egg Donors of African, African American, Islander, Caribbean and Latina descent. 


All egg donations are confidential and your are matched with  wonderful Intended Parents that need your help to start their families. Your donation can be anonymous (totally unknown) or open (you request to speak with or meet your Intended Parent Recipients). It's your choice!


  • Donors are typically paid $8,000-$15,000 for each completed donation

  • Graduate students can be paid up to $25,000 for each completed donation

  • Donors with exceptional academics, athletic or musical talents (attending an Ivy League or Top 20 College, M.E.N.S.A. member with college entrance exams in the 90 percentile, musical prodigy, Junior Olympian, award winning singer. etc...) can be paid up to $50,000 for each completed donation 

  • Donors with excellent grades and test scores may receive higher compensation

  • No experience is necessary.

  • Flexible schedule to fit in with your availability. Most of our egg donors are college students, working or are already mothers. 


Egg Donor Criteria:

  •  Kind and responsible women between the ages of 20 - 29  

  •  College student or college graduate

  •  Healthy with a good genetic family history 

  •  No recent illegal drug use and minimal alcohol use

  •  No smoking whatsoever  

  •  Height and Weight within normal range

  • Responsible and caring individual


About Our Organization:

Diversity Fertility Services (DFSDONORS) is unlike any other egg donor agency in that we put our Donors first! We do everything to make your donation easy and rewarding.


Preliminary testing, interviews and even some lab work can be completed close to your home so you are not inconvenienced. Our staff is always available to you during the week and on weekends. We understand that the donation process can be stressful, and because our company is run by professionals in the infertility community, including physicians and registered nurses, we know this can help ease communication and relieve some of your anxiety.  


The only way to know if Egg Donation is right for you is to call (888) 569-7790 or email us so you may get all the information and determine if being an Egg Donor is a right decision for you.  There is never any pressure; only support from our caring staff.


                      to see if you qualify then schedule a phone consultation or contact us directly to discuss the process, see how it works and learn about your potential matches with paid compensation. We hope to hear from you and work with you soon!