How Surroacy Works

10 Simple Steps

Free Travel plus Daily Food & Transportation Allowance




Signing Bonus

$750.00 Medication Start

$750.00 Bonus

$3000-$7000 monthly payments begin

Additional Bonuses  throughout Pregnancy

  • Organic fruits, vegetables, grass fed meat and protein delivered.

  • Pregnancy support supplements and body oils delivered.

Step 1.     Register 

  1. The first step in becoming a Gestational Surrogate Mother is to REGISTER by answering 12 simple questions.

  2. The next step is to create your Surrogate Mother Profile by Creating an Account and completing an application so you may begin the initial screening process. Your profile will be viewed in an anonymous fashion (all of your contact information is removed) by qualifying Intended Parents in need of a Surrogate to help them become parents.

  3. Once you have submitted your completed application, it will be sent to a surrogate coordinator to qualify you as a candidate.

  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive an email requesting a short telephone consult with one of our Case managers to review your application, medical history and complete additional paperwork so we may request your prior  pregnancy records.

  5. The medical records stage can take several weeks or longer, depending how long it takes the doctor(s) and hospital(s) to send back your records. We continue to follow up until we have your completed pregnancy file.

  6. Your records will be reviewed by a Case Manager to determine if you meet the criteria to become a Surrogate with our program. You will be matched when you meet the program criteria.


Your Application Packet will include the following:

  • Completed Application/Surrogate Mother Profile 

  • Signed release so records from prior pregnancies and deliveries may be obtained

  • Signed release so a background check may be conducted on you (and your spouse/live-in partner) .  :

  • Copy of your driver's license/social security card

  • Copy of your live-in partner/spouse driver's license

  • Copy of front and back of health insurance card (if applicable),

  • Photos of you and your family  

  • Employment Verification (if applicable): if employed, we require 3 consecutive pay stubs from you and your spouse/partner

  • Signed Notice of Privacy outlining our agency's ethical practices and how we will represent your best interests.

  • Signed Agency Agreement giving our agency permission to match you with one of our Intended Parent clients 

Step 2.     Screening  & Testing

  • Upon completion of your application, you will receive an email with a link requesting you schedule a telephone . This process takes about 1 to 3 weeks depending on your availability.

  • A surrogacy coordinator will come to your home for a casual meeting with you and your partner (if applicable). A Skype interview will be conducted in cases where distance prohibits an in-home interview.

  • Afterwards you will schedule a comprehensive evaluation of you and your partner (if applicable) with a mental health professional to discuss your suitability for the intricacies that surround a surrogacy journey.

  • Then a background check is done for you and any adult over the age of 18 living in your home.

  • Finally, if you have medical insurance, a detailed review will be conducted to help provide details on appropriate use of your insurance for a surrogacy pregnancy.

a consultation with one of our Diversity Fertility Program Managers so we may provide you with a full overview of the surrogacy process, discuss the profiles of Intended Parents for you to consider as a potential match and so you may get to know us better.


Step 3.     Medical Screening/Background Check

You and your partner/spouse (if applicable ) will complete the following:  (i). a criminal background check;  (ii). a physical exam, GYN exam and blood work with your physician (our agency will provide you with necessary information) and;  (iii). a video or telephone conversation with a licensed Therapist/Social Worker where you/your partner will have the opportunity to discuss important questions and potential scenarios that frequently arise during the surrogacy process.  Your conversation with the Social Worker will help you to better understand and prepare for your surrogacy journey; (iv). a home visit will also be conducted requiring all adults living in your home to be present. We will be taking photos of you and your home so that the Intended Parents may feel confident that you live in a comfortable, safe, and stable living environment.


Step 4.     Get Matched

Select & Become Matched with Intended Parent(s)

Congratulations! Your information has been approved and you are now ready to become matched with Intended Parents. Your online profile will be viewed by

Intended Parents, and you will also view profiles of Intended Parents. Once a potential match has been identified, Diversity Fertility Services will facilitate a telephone/video/in-person meeting between you (your spouse/partner if applicable) and the Intended Parent(s) that you have expressed an interest in being matched with. Meeting allows you to get to know each other and make sure it is the right "fit" for everyone. A match is confirmed if both you (your partner if

applicable) and the Intended Parent(s) agree to move forward. Your professional case manager will contact you upon matching with your Intended Parent(s). An in-person psychological evaluation by a Clinical Psychologist will be administered to both parties and the legal process will commence.

Step 5.      Surrogacy Agreement

Receive Legal Representation & Sign a Gestational Carrier Agreement

Once you have completed the application process and the designated IVF clinic has reviewed all of your medical records and giving initial medial approval, your Diversity Fertility Program Manager will refer you to an attorney with expertise in 3rd party reproduction/surrogacy law. The Intended Parents' attorney will draft a contract drafted by an attorney of similar expertise, that will be sent to your attorney for review. You will schedule a consultation (over the phone) with your attorney, who will review the contract with you in detail. This legal agreement explains the rights and obligations of both parties. Once both parties agree to all the terms, the legal document is notarized by both parties.


Step 6.    In-Person Consultation with the IVF  (Fertility) Clinic 

You will schedule initial medical screening appointment(s) with the doctor chosen by the Intended Parent(s), and a full medical evaluation will be conducted. Your medical screening will typically include a full physical, infectious disease screening, drug and nicotine screening, and other testing that will determine your ability to carry a pregnancy. If you are married or in a relationship, your partner may be required to be tested for infectious diseases as well. Upon all results coming back from the screening, the physician will determine if you are medically eligible to go forward with the process. If the physician selected by the Intended Parent(s) is located out of town from where you live, travel will be necessary. Your Diversity Fertility Program Manager will coordinate all appointments, pre-paid travel, insurance review/EOBs, payment of medical bills and affiliated expenses from a Trust Account that is fully by Intended Parent(s) prior to you beginning the medical process of your surrogacy journey.

Step 7.    Begin Natural Injectible Medication

Once you have been medically cleared, the physician handling your care will provide you with a timeline and instructions to begin taking a series of medications that will help synchronize your menstrual cycle with the Intended Mother's or egg donor's cycle. The medication will also thicken the lining of your uterus in order to accept the implanted embryos. These medications are self-injectable, so you will need to administer shots to yourself for approximately 4-6 weeks.You will receive your medications and specific instructions will be given by a medical professional at your fertility clinic. The medications will cause your cycle to be synchronized with the Egg Donor’s or Intended Mother's menstrual cycle and help your uterine lining thicken in order to accept the transferred embryos.


Step 8.    Embryo Transfer

After the embryos have been transferred, you'll be required to be on bed rest for 24-72 hours depending on your fertility clinic’s requirement.The embryo transfer procedure starts by placing a speculum in the vagina to visualize the cervix. Carefully selected embryos will be loaded into a catheter. The catheter is inserted through the cervical canal and guided into the uterus, where the embryos are deposited. The catheter is then withdrawn and an abdominal ultrasound is often used to ensure correct placement. Anesthesia is generally not required. Following the embryo transfer procedure, you will be placed on doctor-ordered bed rest for 24-48 hours. If the physician's office is located near you, bed rest will take place at your home. If the physician selected by the Intended Parent(s) is located out of town from where you live, travel will be necessary. All travel will be coordinated by our travel team and your Program manager will oversee all arrangements. There are no out of pocket costs to you. All travel costs, medical  and affiliated expenses are paid for by Intended Parent(s) via a fully funded trust account. You will need to stay in the location of the Fertility/IVF clinic for approximately a week as determined by the IVF Physician coordinating your cycle.


Step 9.    Pregnancy Confirmation

Monthly Payments Begins

Your pregnancy test will occur 10-12 days after the embryo transfer through a blood test. You will go into a local lab or your OBGYN for a blood test to confirm pregnancy. Your base compensation payments will begin between 9-11 weeks when pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound. If the first embryo transfer does not produce a successful pregnancy, then medications and transfer may be repeated a second and sometimes third time.

The Pregnancy

You will attend routine doctor's appointments throughout the course of the pregnancy, beginning with appointments with the fertility specialist. Generally, after 8-10 weeks of the pregnancy, you will be released from the fertility specialist's care, and will then attend standard maternity appointments with an obstetrician.

Nutrition & Safety during your pregnancy

Eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein (meat, beans/legumes, and nuts if you are not allergic) is extremely important for the development of a healthy embryo and will assist in keeping your body healthy throughout the pregnancy. A healthy nutritious diet will help to prevent birth defects and the development of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia while you are pregnant. 

While pregnant, do not expose your self to chemicals that may be harmful to you and the embryos you carry. Avoid both hair and nail salons that use strong chemicals. 

Step 11.    Birth

Balance of Full Base Compensation Paid Within 2 Weeks of Birth

Once the pregnancy is stable, which is near the end of the first trimester, you will be instructed to stop the medications and will ow be seen by your personal OB Physician for the remainder of the pregnancy. You will receive the balance of your base compensation within 2 weeks of giving birth pending results of a paternity test.