Why Work with Diversity Fertility Services?

 With a wealth of resources available to our organization and a team of fertility experts, we will help you both develop and execute a fertility plan that will address your fertility health and lifestyle so you may achieve success whether it is pregnancy and birth through nutrition, wellness management, IVF, Surrogacy, Egg Donation or simply freezing your eggs for future children. Upon selection of your Surrogate, our team will then proceed to guide you through a smooth and memorable pregnancy and birth.  


What's Our Secret Sauce?

Diversity Fertility Services offers unique matching services. Our expertise lies in matching intended parents with the right Surrogate Mothers also referred to as Gestational Carriers.  As intended parents, you will have the opportunity to review our Surrogate Mother profiles. Our passion to assist infertile couples achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery, is driven by our own experiences of successfully overcoming infertility. We know first hand that you can achieve success just as our Program Managers and Surrogates have.

Your Diversity Fertility Team will facilitate the entire medical, legal, insurance, social and birthing process.  We are here to answer your questions and address any concern you may have. To learn more about finding a surrogate mother, our services or the support we provide, please  contact us directly .

As an Intended Parent, you may have many questions about your future family and about the surrogacy process. After all, the surrogacy process can be very overwhelming. This is why we are here to help! 


How Do I Get Started?

Upon reviewing the profiles, you will choose a Surrogate Mother who is compatible with your family. To make finding a Surrogate Mother near you simple and worry-free, we work with:

  • Intended Parents within the USA and Globally

  • Surrogate  Mothers in all surrogate-friendly states including, but not limited to: TX, FL, AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, GA, NC, NV, OK, SC and where surrogacy is not strictly forbidden


I've Selected A Surrogate. What Now?

Once you have selected a specific surrogate, a meeting will be arranged so you may chat and get to know each other. If both you and your Surrogate Mother are willing to move forward in the process, you and surrogate will be referred to appropriate legal counsel to have a legal agreement drafted and signed. Once the legal agreement is executed, both you and your Surrogate Mother will be referred to appropriate medical and psychological professionals for evaluation. Diversity Fertility Services will facilitate the entire process to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Diversity Fertility Services offers unique matching services. We offer a diverse pool with over 200 donor selections nationwide, including Asian,  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, East Indian, South Asian, Jewish, Mediterranean, Eastern European and African/African American living anywhere in the US.  Diversity Fertility Donor Coordinators are highly trained and are themselves smart, multicultural, prior Donors that ethically recruit and screen highly qualified donors between the ages of 20 to 30. Diversity Fertility's Program Managers work closely with Intended Parents to simplify the process and help you find your ideal Egg Donor match.  Begin the process by registering, viewing Donor profiles and then selecting the profiles that best fit your requirements.   

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