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I’m usually very laid-back and easygoing. I’m not super ambitious or competitive, but I can ace whatever tasks that are assigned to me. I’m very clean, organized, and independent. I get things done right away and everything needs to be in order. To my family, I’m always the thoughtful, sweet baby girl because I’m the youngest in my family. I’m very loving and affectionate towards my family. I’m not afraid to show my love to them. We have a friendship-like relationship among our family. I don’t try hard to make friends. People usually approach me because they like who I am and want to be friends with me. I’ve been told by my friends that I’m a very genuine and reliable person. That I’m a good listener and a dependable friend. I’m true and always willing to help whenever they are in need. I love animals. Animals are always true, loyal, and faithful. I have my dog for over ten years, I can’t imagine living without her. I hope to be able to help the animals that are suffering when I have the chances and ability to. I came to America at a very young age. To a country with a completely different cultures and environment. I had to work extra hard to achieve my goals in school. I succeeded in school without the supervision of my parents because they were back in Taiwan. I graduated from a Blue Ribbon high school with a 3.6 GPA. I managed to get accepted to several top universities in the states. Now I’ve graduated from one of the top universities. I’m special because what I’ve been though, everything I’ve experienced to make who I am right now. I’m an independent, strong young woman, and also a caring and reliable family/friend. I learned about egg donation from a friend. I think it is a meaningful thing to do on top 1 of the compensation. I believe that the little something of mine could be such a great help to somebody else who is in need.

  • Ethnicity

    100% Chinese Taiwanese

  • Height

    5 Feet 1 Inch

  • Weight

    100 LBS 

  • Eye Color


  • Hair Color


  • Blood Type


  • Distinguishing Features

    • Dimples
    • High Cheek Bones
    • Charming Smile
  • Age


  • Availability

    Currently Available

  • Education

    Completed Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at University of California San Diego. Currently completing Master's Degree, 3.3 GPA

    Accepted to Accepted to UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara. Attended UC San Diego.

    My strongest subject in school were English and Chemistry. I always got As for English because I write good, coherent papers. My Chemistry was good because I thought it was interesting.

    My favorite subjects are foreign languages because I  love to learn about different cultures and being able to use new languages. 

  • Ivy League or Top 20 College

    UCLA, UC San Diego

  • Achievements

    I graduated from a Blue Ribbon high school with a 3.6 GPA. I managed to get accepted to several top universities in the states. Now I’ve graduated from one of the top universities.

    I speak, understand, read, and write Chinese and English fluently. I can understand and read most Japanese and Korean and speak a little bit of each. 

  • Artistic Talents

    I play the piano and violin for over ten years. I joined orchestra during high school years as a violinist. I also love to paint and make handcrafts.

    I’m also good at cooking. I can make all kinds of dishes and desserts. I also brew teas and make my boba tea. I love to try out new receipes.
    I’m really good at organization. I’m constantly cleaning and maintaining my house. I always keep things in order, no matter for school, work, or home.

  • Athletic Achievements

    I am physically active but have not played competitive sports.

  • Donation Preference

    Anonymous (you remain completely anonymous).

  • Reason for Donating

    I learned about egg donation years ago but I didn’t think about becoming an egg donor then. I saw an egg donor website one day and I thought I could become an egg donor myself. I then started to research about information about egg donation.

  • Donation History

      Date Clinic Agency Compensation No. of Eggs/Embryos Pregnancy
    1st Donation New Donor          
    2nd Donation            
    3rd Donation            
    4th Donation            
    5th Donation            
  • Compensation

    I hope my egg donation could be compensated around $15000. Because it is going to be a time-consuming process and I will be doing something to my body. I believe I will be an excellent choice for an egg donor.

  • No. of Relatives

      Brothers                                  Sisters                          Maternal Aunts Maternal Uncles Paternal Aunts Paternal Uncles
    Number of Relatives 4   1 1 1 1


  • Family Physical Features

    Family Members Physical Characteristics

      Eye Color Hair Color Height Weight Complexion
    Paternal Grandmother          
    Paternal Grandfather          
    Maternal Grandmother          
    Maternal Grandfather Dark brown/Black Black 180 cm   Fair
    Father Dark brown/black Brown 172 cm   Fair
    Mother Dark brown/black Black 158 cm 52 kg Pale
    Brother         Pale
    Brother #2         Pale
    Brother #3          
    Sister Dark Brown/Black Black 161 cm 47 kg  
    Sister #2 Dark brown/black Black 153 cm 45 kg  
    Sister #3        
  • Family Education

      Education Occupation
    Paternal Grandmother    
    Paternal Grandfather    
    Maternal Grandmother    
    Maternal Grandfather    
    Father Bachelor’s degree in law school/ M.D. in political science Former legislative branch member in Taiwan
    Mother Bachelor’s degree in statistics Business woman
    Brother #2    
    Brother #3    
    Sister Bachelor’s degree in statistics at UC Berkeley/ M.D. in business Actuary
    Sister #2 Bachelor’s degree in visual arts at UC San Diego Photographer
    Sister #3    


  • Family Personalities & Traits

      Personality/Traits Talents
    Paternal Grandmother    
    Paternal Grandfather    
    Maternal Grandmother    
    Maternal Grandfather Quiet but caring.  
    Father He is a fun and intelligent father, always exposing us to new knowledges and wisdoms. He is smart and ambitious, also outgoing and sociable. He is innovative and assertive. Always wants to make the world a better place. My dad is an outstanding artist. He paints and is also great at calligraphy. He loves nature. Always trying to improve the environment and protect endangered species.
    Mother She’s very open-minded and outgoing. And she’s a very optimistic and laid-back person. She loves to try out new things. She is a very persuasive talker because she is always confident. My mom play several different instruments. She is also good at calligraphy. She is a great cook as well.
    Brother #2    
    Brother #3    
    Sister Very ambitious and competitive. Always wants to be ahead of the others. She’s very self-disciplined and always plan ahead. She was an outstanding, straight A student. She is now a excellent actuary. She doesn’t only stay on top of everything but also takes care of her to little sisters. Left-handed. She’s extremely good at math and also an great artist. She’s good at drawing and handcrafting. She plays the piano and cello.
    Sister #2 She’s easy going and fun. Always caring and helpful. She’s smart and logical. She attracts a lot of friends because of her interesting personality. Left-handed. She’s a great photographer and very good with technology. She plays the piano and violin. And she’s also great at cooking and baking.
    Sister #3    
  • What famous person or public figure would you play

  • Daily Activities


  • Personality & Disposition

    I am a easy-going and approachable person. I might be introverted but I’m always true to people. I enjoy meeting a lot of different people, but I don’t purposely try to make friends. I am dependable and reliable, free-spirited and open-minded. I’m very adaptable to new things.  I considered myself a introverted person. I’m usually very shy and quiet, but I get more talkative once I get to know the person.

  • Passion & Hobbies

    I love to cook and clean the house. I take a long walk with my dog everyday. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies/shows, and reading comics books. I also enjoyed doing nothing and relaxed.

  • Childhood & Adolescent Personality


  • Growing Up

    I’m the youngest in my family. I’m very loving and affectionate towards my family. I’m not afraid to show my love to them. We have a friendship-like relationship among our family.

  • Admire Most


  • Famous Person Donor would Play in a Movie


  • Travel

    I’m originally from Taiwan and I’ve traveled to Japan, Korea, Canada,and Singapore. I want to travel to Europe because I’ve never been there.

  • Favorite Things

      Color Food Dessert Music Artist/Band
    Favorite Green Spicy food Creme Brûlée Rock One Ok Rock


  • Neurological History

    Medical Condition

    Family      Member    




    Age of Death
    ADD or ADHD NA      
    Autism / Asperger's NA      
    Learning Disability                                 NA      
    Mental Retardation NA      
    Paralysis  NA      
    Dementia NA      
    Epilepsy NA      
    Alzheimer's NA      
    Multiple sclerosis NA      
    Parkinson's                      NA      
    Migraines NA      
    Age-related issues                                       NA      
  • Gynecological History

    Medical Condition Yes    No   
    Infertility NA  
    Prior Cervical Surgery (LEEP, Cone Biopsy) NA  
    History of DES exposure NA  
    History of abnormal PAP smear NA  
    Prior uterine surgery NA  
    History of uterine malformation NA  
    History of uterus opening up too early NA  
    History of uterine, ovarian or breast cancer NA  
    Fibroids, PCOS or Endometriosis NA  
    Hysterectomy NA  
    Multiple or Late Trimester Miscarriages NA  
    Miscarriages, still births, or neonatal deaths NA  
  • Medical Treatments

      Condition            Diagnosis          Treatment       Result           
    1. NA      
  • Surgeries

      Surgery          Reason     Completed Outcome 
    1. NA      
  • Psychological







    Age of Death 
    Alcohol or Drug Addiction NA      
    Depression NA      
    Panic Attacks NA      
    Schizophrenia         NA      
    Bipolar Disorder                                    NA      
    Age-related NA      
  • Mental Health

      If Yes, please explain No
    Have you ever been hospitalized for mental illness?   ✔️
    Have you ever considered committing suicide?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to intentionally hurt yourself?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to hurt a child or baby?   ✔️
    Are you currently in counseling?   ✔️
    Have you ever had an eating disorder?   ✔️
  • Family Health History

    Family Medical History

      Family Member Age of Onset Current Condition Age of Death (if applicable)
    Cancer Maternal Grandfather 86 Passed away 87
    Physical Malformation        
    Sickle Cell Anemia        
    Cystic Fibrosis        
    High blood pressure        
    Heart attack or Stroke        
    Blood diseases        
    Diabetes (Type 1 or II )        
    Thyroid issues        
    Age-related issues        
    Kidney problems / diseases        
    Vision/Sight/Eye Problems        
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