What to Expect When Working with our Surrogacy Agency

10 Simple Steps

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

The first step is to register and schedule a consultation with one of our Diversity Fertility Program Managers so we may provide you with a full overview of the surrogacy process and get to know you better so we provide you with profiles of compatible Surrogate Mothers for your to review and consider as a potential match.

A Database of Fertile Surrogates

Diversity Fertility maintains a database of nurturing Surrogate Mothers available to help deserving Intended Parents have a baby. Each of our Gestational Surrogate Mothers complete an extensive application and interview process before you view her profile. Through this process, only Surrogates that we are comfortable recommending to our clients make their way into our program.

Select Your Gestational Surrogate!

Once you sign a Service Agreement with our agency we will work with you to develop your individual criteria for your gestational surrogate carrier. With your preferences in mind, our Program Managers will get to work searching our database and network for your ideal match.
Each Surrogate Mother will complete a background check, medical evaluation by their OBGYN, psychological assessment, review of her health insurance by our Insurance utilization and review department and the execution of a Gestational Surrogate Carrier Agreement so your selected Surrogate Mother is confirmed and committed to work with you

Consider Breast Feeding Your NewBorn Baby


When the Gestational Surrogate Carrier Agreement is signed, you are required to deposit your selected Surrogate’s fee into a trust account managed by a reputable Escrow Company or your legal counsel experienced in the field of 3rd Party Reproductive Medicine and Surrogacy Law.  Your Diversity Fertility Program Manager and her team will guide you through each step of the way and will provide you with referrals.  We are by your side through each embryo transfer, throughout your pregnancy and during the legal process required to name you as legal parents of your child(ren). When your surrogacy journey is over, we will celebrate the birth of your new babies.  Please don’t forget to send us photos and share and your wonderful new adventures of Parenthood!  😊 

The Next Steps for Your Surrogate Once You Have Selected Her!

Congratulations on selecting and confirming your Gestational Surrogate Mother by signing a Gestational Carrier Agreement and funding the Escrow Account for your Surrogate's expenses. Your Surrogate is now ready to begin her medical process.


Step 1.      Medical Screening/Background Check

Each Gestational Surrogate and her partner/spouse (if applicable ) will complete the following and all steps will be arranged and coordinated by our agency:  

  1. a criminal background check

  2. a physical exam, GYN exam and blood work with your fertility clinic

  3. a psychological evaluation by a licensed Therapist 

  4. a home visit by a licensed Social Worker to assess that Surrogate and her family live in a comfortable, safe, and stable environment.

  5. review of Surrogate's medical records from prior pregnancies and births by your Fertility/IVF clinic

Step 2.      In-Person Consultation with the Designated IVF  (Fertility) Clinic 

Our agency will schedule an initial medical screening appointment(s) for your Surrogate (and her partner/spouse) with your fertility clinic and a full medical evaluation will be conducted.  Her medical screening will typically include a full physical, infectious disease screening, drug and nicotine screening, and other testing that will determine her ability to successfully carry a pregnancy. If your Surrogate is married or in a relationship, her partner will also be required to be tested for infectious diseases and complete a psychological evaluation. Upon all results coming back from the screening, your IVF clinic will determine if your Surrogate is medically eligible to move forward with the surrogacy process. Your Diversity Fertility Program Manager and our Insurance Management Team will coordinate all appointments, pre-paid travel, insurance review/EOBs, payment of medical bills and affiliated expenses from a Trust or Escrow Account that you have fully funded prior to your Surrogate beginning her medical process.

Step 3.      Begin Natural Injectable Medication

Once your Surrogate has been medically cleared, your IVF clinic will issue a treatment calendar which will include a timeline and instructions to begin taking a series of medications that will help synchronize your surrogate's menstrual cycle with the Intended Mother's or egg donor's cycle. The medication will also thicken the lining of your surrogate's uterus so her uterus will accept the implanted embryos. These medications are injectable and will be self-administered by your Surrogate for approximately 4-6 weeks.

Step 4.      Embryo Transfer

The embryo transfer procedure starts by placing a speculum into the vaginal cavity to visualize the cervix. Carefully selected embryos are loaded into a catheter. The catheter is inserted through the cervical canal and guided into the uterus where the embryos are deposited. The catheter is then withdrawn and an abdominal ultrasound is often used to ensure correct placement. Anesthesia is generally not required. Following the embryo transfer procedure, your Surrogate will be placed on doctor-ordered bed rest for 24-72 hours. If the Fertility/IVF clinic is located near you, bed rest will take place at her home. If your fertility clinic is located out of town then all travel will be coordinated by our travel team and your Program Manager will oversee all arrangements. There are no out of pocket costs to you. All travel costs, medical  and affiliated expenses are paid from the fully funded escrow account. Your Surrogate will need to stay in the location of your Fertility clinic for approximately a week as determined by the IVF Physician coordinating your cycle.

Step 5.       Pregnancy Confirmation: Monthly Payments Begins

Your pregnancy test will occur 10-12 days after the embryo transfer through a blood test. Your Surrogate will go into a local lab or her OBGYN for a blood test to confirm her pregnancy. Your Surrogate will begin to receive her base compensation payments upon confirmation of pregnancy by ultrasound between week 9 and 11. If the first embryo transfer does not produce a successful pregnancy, then medications and transfer may be repeated a second and sometimes third time.

Step 6.       The pregnancy

Your Surrogate will attend routine doctor's appointments throughout the course of the pregnancy, beginning with appointments with the fertility specialist. Generally, after 8-10 weeks of the pregnancy, she will be released from the fertility specialist's care, and will then attend standard maternity appointments with an obstetrician. You will b able to attend appointments with your Surrogate via video or in-person.  We will discuss your comfort level before you select a Surrogate to increase compatibility with your Surrogate.

Step 7.       Parentage Legal Paper Work

At approximately 19 weeks of pregnancy, our agency will initiate the legal process for your parentage or pre-birth order. Legal counsel for either the Intended Parents or the Surrogate will file the necessary petitions required to allow your (Intended Parents') names to be on the birth certificate(s) when your baby(ies) are born.  This process will require the complete cooperation of the Intended parents, Surrogate and her spouse so it is very important to select the right Surrogate. Our experienced and qualified team will help you in selecting and thoroughly screening the right surrogate match for you.