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Why Are Surrogate's Screened?

Surrogates assume an incredible responsibility and provide Intended Parents with one of life’s most precious gifts. Thorough screening protects Surrogates, Intended Parents and Surrogacy Agencies in a number of ways: 

  • The Screening Process helps educate each prospective Surrogate understand the process and determine if she is ready to commit to carrying a baby for an Intended Parent.

  • The Screening Process also helps to find out if each prospective Surrogate is healthy enough for surrogacy.

  • The Screening Process helps to determine if each prospective Surrogate is emotionally ready for surrogacy. and has the family support she needs.

How Are Surrogate's Screened?

Medical Screening

A review of Surrogate's medical and social history, a pap smear and physical exam and an infectious disease screening and additional bloodwork.  

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