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Become a Diversity Surrogate

Surrogates: Welcome

Find Your Next Surrogacy Match that is Both Rewarding and Pays Generously

Diversity Fertility Group doesn’t just help you become matched for the generous compensation that you deserve, we make sure to create the perfect match between you and your future Parents-To-Be by combining your requirements as well as theirs. With the support and guidance of our experienced Case Managers, becoming a Gestational Surrogate and helping a family have a healthy baby has never been easier and more rewarding.

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It is important to complete the short Preliminary Screening Questionnaire to ensure you meet the basic requirements to become a Surrogate. Then complete the full Surrogacy Application as this will be used to create your profile needed to match you with one of our Intended Parent Clients as a Gestational Surrogate.  Viewing your photos and your answers in your profile helps our Intended Parent clients to feel a connection with you and select you as their Gestational Surrogate.

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After finishing your online application process, you will complete an extensive interview with one of our experienced Case Managers where you will review your application, discuss the surrogacy process, sign a request for your pregnancy records and background check and schedule your psychological evaluation required to be a Gestational Surrogate.

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3. Profile Published

Once you have passed all preliminary screening, your profile will become active in our database so our exclusive and caring Intended Parent clients may have the opportunity to view your profile and request a virtual or in person meeting with you.

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4. Meeting & Match

Once mutually interested, we will facilitate an in-person or online meeting between yourself and one or more Intended Parent Clients so you may get to know our Intended Parent Clients better.  Once both you and our selected Intended Parent Clients agree to work together, we the match will become official and we will begin coordinating your medical coordination with the IVF clinic will begin.


5. Medical Screening

You and her partner (if applicable) will visit the Intended Parents' IVF clinic and undergo a medical screening appointment at the Intended Parents’ IVF clinic to determine if you have any issues that would preclude you from being a Surrogate.

Reviewing Legal Agreement

6. Legal Agreement

Once you have been medically cleared by the IVF Clinic to proceed with the surrogacy process, you will select an attorney experienced in surrogacy contracts to represent your legal interests in the drafting and execution of the legal contract between you and your Intended Parent match. All legal and medical fees are paid from an independently managed trust account funded by your Intended Parent match

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7. IVF Transfer

When the legal contract between you and your Intended Parent match has been finalized, you will begin cycle medications in preparation for the IVF transfer, which will take place according to your cycle calendar and your receptiveness to the medications.

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8. Pregnancy

9-10 days after embryo transfer, you will take a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy.

Surrogates: Job Seekers
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Frequently Asked Questions

Surrogates: FAQ

How does Diversity Fertility differ from other Surrogacy agencies?

We’re a time-tested agency who goes the extra mile to make sure you have all your needs met. When you work with us, you’re supported from start to finish.

Will the process cost me anything?

No! The Intended Parents fund a trust account that pays everything directly related to your surrogacy journey including all fees and costs related to the cycle. If you require specific testing (or retesting) directly related to your own health outside of the normal Surrogate screening process in order to clear you to proceed with a surrogacy cycle, you may be responsible for those costs.

Can I be a Surrogate if my tubes are tied?

Yes you can be a Surrogate if your tubes are tied!

How many times do I have to visit the fertility clinic?

You will need to complete 6 to 8 doctor appointments. The visits occur during the early morning to avoid time conflicts with work or school. We will do everything to accommodate the process to your schedule and dates of unavailability. We require that you take the entire day off on the day of the retrieval.

How much will I be compensated?

Surrogate compensation plus additional benefits range from $35,000 to $75,000 depending on experience and the Intended Parent(s) you select as your match.

What are the risks of Surrogacy?

Similar risks to being pregnant with and giving birth to your own children but it is best to speak with an OB.

Will I have contact with the Parents and baby once the baby is born?

This will depend entirely on you and the Intended Parent(s). Some Surrogates maintain a very close relationship, while others have no contact after the birth. It is important to communicate your expectations to our agency and the Intended Parents during your interviews and prior to being matched.

Is Diversity Fertility a local or national Surrogacy agency?

We work with over 30 IVF clinics located throughout the US and Canada. Intended Parent Clients come to us from all over the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and request we manage their entire surrogacy process. We always have a waiting list of Parents to quickly match you with as a Gestational Surrogate.

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