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Hello intended parents! 

My name is Kae. Both of my parents are from the Philippines but I was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. My family did have a home in New Jersey for many years and I currently reside in New Jersey. 

My father was a chemical & computer engineer, while my mother was a nurse and an event coordinator when she was outside of the operating room. I have an older brother who went into criminal justice, was an army reserve and is a photographer. My older sister is in the medical industry, having had managed multiple labs around New Jersey. 

I was inspired by all the art and fashion in New York City so I pursued the fashion and jewelry industry. I was unable to finish college due to my mother developing pancreatic cancer. My siblings and I dedicated nearly 3 years to taking care of her until she passed in 2018. 

My mother was a big influence in my life. She encouraged me to do things I love such as drawing, painting, dance, acting and singing. She introduced me to the process of pearl cultivation on our trips to the Philippines, which has led me to become a GIA certified pearl specialist. She unintentionally inspired me to donate my eggs too. When my mother told me she was adopted at birth and wanted to meet her birth mother just to say 'thank you, for allowing me to be raised by such a loving family,' I've had a need to give a child a better life too. Her life would have been so different but because my grandmother had trouble conceiving, my mother was very well taken care of by her parents and uncles. They were the driving force for her education, which brought her to New York City for work in the late 80s. 

I have been working in e-commerce over 3 years now and just started a new postion at a luxury couture house. On my time off, I'll be with my friends trying out new restaurants, spas and interactive museums. My current hobby is fragrance. I have had a lot of passions but last year I became so interested in fragrance that I've become a collector and began a log to train my nose to differentiate notes in perfumes. I do plan to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors outside of my 9-5, starting with pearls then with perfume. 

The word I know my friends and family would use to describe me is Bold. I pride myself in my passions and expression. I do and say things wholeheartedly so when I make a decision I stick with it. 

I have decided to have a known donation so that intended parents continually have a peace of mind in me as their donor but also because genetic testing kits have become a trend that I have used as a tool to search for relatives. That alone will always make it easier to find me. 

I am so excited to match and meet with intended parents! I am completely aware the journey to have a child can be very emotional so I take this very seriously. Even before I received communication from Diversity Fertility Services, I was already mentally and physically preparing for the possibility of donating my eggs. If you are considering me to be apart of your family's story, I am immensely honored and happily awaiting our first interaction.

  • Ethnicity

    Asian, Filipino

  • Height

    5 Feet 3 Inches (161 CM)

  • Weight

    145 LBS (65 KG)

  • Eye Color


  • Hair Color

    Dark Brown

  • Blood Type


  • Distinguishing Features

    Dimples run in my family - mine is on the right cheek. I have slightly full lips with a pronounced cupids bow. I have thick hair and long eyelashes. My eyes are quite large and round. My fingers are quite long which has made my nails more narrow and rounded.

  • Age


  • Availability

    Currently Available

  • Education

    Fashion Degree (2-year), Currently studying at Berkley College.

    I have already established my career in the luxury fashion and jewelry industry through retail and e-commerce but I would love to progress into marketing within the LVMH Group.

    As I am a certified graduate pearl specialist, I plan on building my own company and selling pearls to independent artists. designers and small jewelry businesses.

  • Ivy League or Top 20 College


  • Achievements

    Dean's List - 2015 - Berkeley College.

    My favorite subject was art. I love creating things with my hands. I used to go into my brother's room & study his drawing books. He was so good that he was given a scholarship to Pratt Institute.

    Science was always my strongest subject because my sister used to recite her college biology papers to me when I was very young. I just thought everything my big sister did was cool so I grew a genuine intrigue and would tell her about what I learned in my classes throughout school. My mom was also an operating room nurse so as we would talk about our days at dinner she would talk about surgeries and how the human body reacts from different procedures.

  • Artistic Talents

    Violin in high school.

  • Athletic Achievements

    I can throw a really good football spiral and I have very good hand eye coordination but I did not grow up playing sports.

  • Donation Preferences

    Prior Donations  New Donor
    Type of Donation Anonymous or Semi-Anonymous (you video chat or speak with Recipients).
    Reasons for Donating  
  • Reason for Donating

    Because I will like to become egg donor. I want to be part of a blessing. Babies are a bundle of joy and It will be a great opportunity to help a family.

  • Donation History

      Date Clinic Agency Compensation No. of Eggs/Embryos Pregnancy
    1st Donation New Donor          
    2nd Donation            
    3rd Donation            
    4th Donation            
    5th Donation            
  • Compensation


    $8,000-$10,000 because I am a first time donor, I’m young, come from a fertile family and I believe that the egg donation will be successful with me.

  • Relatives

      Brothers Sisters Maternal Aunts Maternal Uncles Paternal Aunts Paternal Uncles
    Number of Relatives            
  • Family Members Physical Characteristics

      Eye Color Hair Color Height Weight Complexion
    Paternal Grandmother          
    Paternal Grandfather          
    Maternal Grandmother          
    Maternal Grandfather          
    Father Brown Black 5'8    
    Mother Brown Black 5'2    
    Brother Brown Black 5'6    
    Brother #2          
    Brother #3          
    Sister Brown Black 5'2    
    Sister #2          
    Sister #3          
  • Family Education

    Family Members Education

      Education Occupation
    Paternal Grandmother    
    Paternal Grandfather    
    Maternal Grandmother    
    Maternal Grandfather    
    Brother #2    
    Brother #3    
    Sister #2    
    Sister #3    
  • Family Personalities & Traits

      Personality/Traits Talents
    Paternal Grandmother    
    Paternal Grandfather    
    Maternal Grandmother    
    Maternal Grandfather    
    Father Funny, stern, intelligent Photographic memory, could play song on piano by ear, learned languages by ear
    Mother Meticulous, creative and always the host. Arts and crafts
    Brother Social butterfly, funniest person in my family Photography and drawing
    Brother #2    
    Brother #3    
    Sister Funny, direct, minimalist, talkative and intuitive  
    Sister #2    
    Sister #3  
  • Where Donor sees herself in 10 years.

    I definitely see myself accomplishing my career goals with Dior/LVMH Group and expanding my own business. I truly have big aspirations when it comes to my professional life and have laid out the drafts in recent years - pearl wholesaler and CEO for my own influencer marketing agency. With that I hope to help fund charities I feel strongly about such as The Make a Wish Foundation and Memorial Sloan Kettering's pancreatic cancer research.  

    On a personal level, I do hope to be married with at least 2 children of my own with a home overlooking the NYC skyline or a river.

  • Daily Activities

    Once I'm awake I always have the need to drink a glass of water. After I've gonna dressed and put together for the day I drink my coffee black. Depending on if I'm working from home or not I will have a soft boiled egg, oatmeal with honey and avocado toast.

    If I am in the office, my commute is a little over an hour. On day I don't commute, I am remote. For lunch I will have some kind of quinoa bowl or salad. I work for the Client Service Center of Dior Americas so I answer phones, emails and messages for our clients.

    Typically by the end of the day I am tired so I go straight back home and shower. Then for dinner I'll have chicken, vegetables, sometimes rice or a soup. I do snack mostly at home so I sometimes will indulge in cookies or potato. I'll usually be in bed by 11pm.

  • Personality & Disposition

    Bubbly, sociable, talkative, practical, polite, respectful, organized, analytical, artistic, visual and optimistic.  Both extroverted and introverted. I do love to talk and speak my mind but when it comes to work or having to focus on something, I prefer to do it on my own while it's quiet. I may come off too serious & quiet to people for that reason.

  • Passion & Hobbies

    My current passion is fragrance. I love to collect perfume samples and bottles to study how the scents wear on my skin and to understand the different notes that create a scent. It has fascinated me because of Covid. Every scent evokes a memory, so I appreciate this sense of smell even more.

  • Childhood & Adolescent Personality


  • Growing Up

    Big family. I have 4 siblings and many cousins. Many family gatherings and festivities surrounding delicious home cooked food.

  • Most Admire

    Jameela Jamil has been such an inspiration to me lately. She is a British actress known for staring in The Good Place. That was actually her first acting role, at 30. Before that she had battled multiple health issues to which had left her bed ridden before she could even graduate high school. She has been able to uses her celebrity to educate people on mental health and women's rights.

  • Famous Person Donor would Play in a Movie


  • Travel

    I have traveled to Jamaica Mexico Puerto Rico Nigeria London California Texas Arizona. There are so many other places to which I will travel.

  • Favorite Things

    Favorite Foods & Music

      Color Food Dessert Music Artist/Band
    Favorite Purple   Cookies Pop Fall Out Boy


    Favorite to Read and Watch

      Author Book Newspaper / Magazine Blog Movie


    More Favorites

      Actor/Star Season Holiday Sport(s) to Watch Sport(s) to Play
    Favorite:   Spring    
  • Neurological History

    Medical Condition

    Family      Member    




    Age of Death
    ADD or ADHD NA      
    Autism / Asperger's NA      
    Learning Disability                                 NA      
    Mental Retardation NA      
    Paralysis  NA      
    Dementia NA      
    Epilepsy NA      
    Alzheimer's NA      
    Multiple sclerosis NA      
    Parkinson's                      NA      
    Migraines NA      
    Age-related issues                                       NA      
  • Gynecological History

    Medical Condition Yes    No   
    Infertility NA  
    Prior Cervical Surgery (LEEP, Cone Biopsy) NA  
    History of DES exposure NA  
    History of abnormal PAP smear NA  
    Prior uterine surgery NA  
    History of uterine malformation NA  
    History of uterus opening up too early NA  
    History of uterine, ovarian or breast cancer NA  
    Fibroids, PCOS or Endometriosis NA  
    Hysterectomy NA  
    Multiple or Late Trimester Miscarriages NA  
    Miscarriages, still births, or neonatal deaths NA  
  • Medical Treatments

      Condition            Diagnosis          Treatment       Result           
    1. NA      
  • Surgeries

      Surgery          Reason     Completed Outcome 
    1. NA      
  • Psychological







    Age of Death 
    Alcohol or Drug Addiction NA      
    Depression NA      
    Panic Attacks NA      
    Schizophrenia         NA      
    Bipolar Disorder                                    NA      
    Age-related NA      
  • Mental Health

      If Yes, please explain No
    Have you ever been hospitalized for mental illness?   ✔️
    Have you ever considered committing suicide?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to intentionally hurt yourself?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to hurt a child or baby?   ✔️
    Are you currently in counseling?   ✔️
    Have you ever had an eating disorder?   ✔️
  • Family Health History

    Family Members Health History

      Current Age Health Issues (If dead) Age of Death (if dead) Cause of Death
    Paternal Grandmother        
    Paternal Grandfather        
    Maternal Grandmother        
    Maternal Grandfather        
    Father     8/5/2005 Pancreatic cancer
    Mother     2//16/2018 Pancreatic cancer
    Brother 35      
    Brother #2        
    Brother #3        
    Sister 39      
    Sister #2        
    Sister #3      
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