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I’m a very animated person and I feel that I am a mixture between both type A and B personalities. Sometimes I tend to multitask and become impatient, but other times I am very relaxed when it comes to accomplishing things. I would consider myself creative in nature and I enjoy things like cooking, playing with my dog, drawing, and watching movies with my family. I am currently in college, but I live with my mom and my sister when we are all home. My parents are divorced, but I still make time for both of them so that nobody gets left out. My dad immigrated from Jamaica when he was a teenager, and my mom was a first generation Cuban American, so you can say that I had a very cultural upbringing filled with lively music and amazing food. I love my friends at school and at home, we all enjoy going out and having fun together. In my friend groups, they would consider me the “planner”, whenever we go somewhere, somehow I always find myself creating the itinerary for the group. That can get stressful at times, but I would much rather know what’s going on and where we’re going. Even though I can get spacey sometimes and forget a lot of things, I would consider myself pretty organized. With my schoolwork, I make it a point to write everything down or else I will forget. I color code my planner and organize my notes a certain way as I am an extremely visual learner. In school, I excel in math, science, and writing courses. I am a Sociology Pre-Med major so I especially love writing and science. Reading is not my strong suit, I tend to lose focus and drift off in my thoughts. I am currently in my third year at the United States Military Academy. From my high school, 4 students in my graduating class got accepted and are attending the academy. Of the four, I am the only female student, and I am also the first female student to attend from my home county. I would be lying if I said I was having the time of my life here, but I have definitely learned a lot of things that have shaped my character and who I am as a person, which I will forever be thankful for. I can sometimes get competitive here (especially with grades) and I have noticed a lot more about my personality since I have been here. 

  • Ethnicity

    African American

  • Height

    5 Feet  5 Inches (165.1 CM)

  • Weight

    133 LBS (60.455 KG)

  • Eye Color


  • Hair Color

    Dark Brown

  • Blood Type


  • Distinguishing Features

    • Dimple on my right cheek
    • Great smile
    • Large eyes
    • High cheekbones
    • Great skin, never had acne
    • Athletic build
    • Long legs 
    • Curvy but athletic.
    • Fast metabolism. Exercise regularly.
  • Age


  • Availability

    Currently Available

  • Education

    Currently completing B.S. in Sociology at United States Military Academy (3.5 GPA).

    Math was ALWAYS my strongest subject since elementary school. For some reason, I am proficient in solving problems with letters and numbers at an above average rate. 

    Personally, I see myself completely at peace with live and not complaining of anything in my control. I want to be able to solely focus on how to achieve more. Professionally, I see myself out of the Army and working in a Medical office treating patients. By that time I want to start thinking about making a family as well.

    I want to attend medical school to become a gynecologist or a clinical psychologist. My goal is to help treat people and create a comfortable living for myself.

  • Ivy League or Top 20 College

    West Point Academy

  • Achievements

    ROTC type 3 scholarship
    Trailblazer award at West Orange high school
    Distinguished Vanguard at USMA Prep School

  • Artistic Talents

    I can draw pretty well and talented in design. Also talented in hair design and I'm a great cook.

  • Athletic Achievements

    I ran varsity track and played varsity soccer in high school. I have above average fitness scores for women at West Point. I still have speed and athleticism, as well as a good amount of flexibility.  

  • Donation Preferences

    New Donor. 

    Open to either Anonymous (not meet Recipients) or Known Donation (you meet and keep in contact with Recipients)

  • Reason for Donating

    To learn more about and participate in helping families grow even under unfortunate circumstances. God granted me something that I can use to help others and I would love to Be able to share that with others. 

  • Donation History

      Date Clinic Agency Compensation No. of Eggs/Embryos Pregnancy
    1st Donation New Donor          
    2nd Donation            
    3rd Donation            
    4th Donation            
    5th Donation            
  • Compensation

    $8,000 and $10,000.

    I am requesting this amount because I want to be able to save up and travel to visit family in Jamaica after being able to help families.

  • No. of Relatives

      Brothers Sisters Maternal Aunts Maternal Uncles Paternal Aunts Paternal Uncles
    Number of Relatives 0 1 2 1 1 2
  • Family Member Physical Features

    Family Members Physical Characteristics

      Eye Color Hair Color Height Weight Complexion
    Paternal Grandmother Brown Black     Dark Brown
    Paternal Grandfather Brown Black     Dark Brown
    Maternal Grandmother Brown Light Brown     Olive
    Maternal Grandfather Brown       Light
    Father Brown Black     Dark brown
    Mother Light Brown Light Brown 5’4   Olive
    Brother #2          
    Brother #3          
    Sister Brown Brown 5’4   Medium Brown
    Sister #2          
    Sister #3          


  • Family Education

    Family Members Education

      Education Occupation
    Paternal Grandmother High School  
    Paternal Grandfather High School  
    Maternal Grandmother High School  
    Maternal Grandfather High School  
    Father Bachelors Network Design
    Mother Masters Medical school dean of admissions
    Brother #2    
    Brother #3    
    Sister Bachelor Air Force Officer
    Sister #2    
    Sister #3    
  • Family Personalities & Traits

      Personality/Traits Talents
    Paternal Grandmother Outgoing, religious  
    Paternal Grandfather    
    Maternal Grandmother Lively, strong minded, straight forward  
    Maternal Grandfather    
    Father Outgoing and old school Drawing
    Mother Lively, animated, opinionated Dancing
    Brother #2    
    Brother #3    
    Sister Kind, opinionated, adventurous Cooking/nails
    Sister #2    
    Sister #3    
  • Languages

    Arabic & Spanich

  • Average Day

    At school, I wake up early, go to morning formation, then breakfast, class from 7:40 am - 11:50 am. After that, I go to lunch formation, then lunch, workout, and I end the day doing homework and eating dinner. Despite my busy schedule, I make it a point to socialize with my friends because getting wrapped up in schoolwork all day makes me feel overwhelmed so I always find time to cool down.

  • Personality & Disposition

    I’m caring, funny, sarcastic, and considerate. With people I’m really close to, I am extremely open and goofy. I have been told that I always have a smile on my face and that I and very funny. I care about those I love, and I tend to put others before myself. I’m a gift giver and I love personalized gifts with pictures on it. I am a dog lover, I absolutely adore my dog and can’t wait until I graduate to get more. Although I can be very organized, I tend to be forgetful and spacey, I always find myself getting side tracked in conversations. My friends and family always laugh at me when I say “What was I just saying?”. Additionally, I can sometimes be self critical or judgmental of others, but I most definitely work to change that everyday. I am a strong believer that God doesn’t judge so I shouldn’t and I try to live by his values everyday. I can be sentimental and very sweet to those I love, and I am an emotional person (yes I cry during movies). Furthermore, I am extremely goal-oriented, determined, and strong minded with strong opinions. I take pride in my ability to always be able to speak my mind and not be afraid of sharing my thoughts.

    I am an extrovert with a hint of introvert. I like going out with my friends and family to do fun and adventurous things. I’m a social person who can have a conversation with just about anyone, but I can also tend to stay to myself sometimes and live in my own world. I’m not the type to stay in my room all day, I get bored very easily haha, so I always find myself doing something different.

  • Passion & Hobbies

    I am passionate about talking about topics including diversity and equality, hence why I am a Sociology major. I want to make a difference in people’s lives by taking part in the difficult conversations that we must have to create social change. I enjoy drawing on my iPad when I am bored (I have surprised myself with what I have made) and cooking. Over the last few months, I have learned how to make a number of things to share with my family including Mac and cheese, collard greens, candied yams, lemon pepper chicken, fried rice, and multiple Cuban and Jamaican dishes. Cooking gets me really excited because the feeling that I get when others love my food is amazing. I do not volunteer, but if I had the time, I would volunteer at a pet shelter helping cats and dogs find wonderful homes.

  • Childhood & Adolescent Personality


  • Growing Up

    Big family. Many gatherings and a lot of food!

  • Admire Most

    I admire my sister the most because she has persevered through so much while maintaining such a positive outlook on life. She lost her best friend in a military training accident three years ago, shortly after getting out of an abusive relationship. She is currently in the Air Force living a wonderful life and I admire how far she has come. She has traveled so much since commissioning and I especially admire that.

  • Famous Person Donor would Play in a Movie

    I would play Sydney Leroux the professional soccer player because she is extremely goal oriented and admirable. She was the youngest player on the Olympic team in 2012 and she helped the US win an Olympic gold medal. She faced throughout both her pregnancies while also being a professional soccer player, and I admire her life and all that she has accomplished. She is also extremely funny and witty, she has my sense of humor and that’s what I like the most.

  • Travel

    I have traveled to Florida, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, and New Mexico. That’s all within America, but I dream of traveling to numerous countries including Cuba, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Nigeria, Australia, and so many more. This summer I will be traveling to Ghana for a school trip that not many students are able to go on. There, we will be interacting with the community and participating in community building, medical services, and teaching English to students there. I cannot wait for this trip. 

  • Favorite Things

    Favorite Foods & Music

      Color Food Dessert Music Artist/Band
    Favorite Teal Hibachi Bread pudding Hip pop/R&B/Reggae Bryson Tiller/Summer Walker


    Favorite to Read and Watch

      Author Book Newspaper / Magazine Blog Movie
    Favorite: None Kindred None None The Pursuit of Happiness


    More Favorites

      Actor/Star Season Holiday Sport(s) to Watch Sport(s) to Play
    Favorite: Will Smith/Adam Sandler/Zendaya Spring Christmas Soccer/gymnastics/track Soccer
  • Neurological History

    Medical Condition

    Family      Member    




    Age of Death
    ADD or ADHD NA      
    Autism / Asperger's NA      
    Learning Disability                                 NA      
    Mental Retardation NA      
    Paralysis  NA      
    Dementia NA      
    Epilepsy NA      
    Alzheimer's NA      
    Multiple sclerosis NA      
    Parkinson's                      NA      
    Migraines NA      
    Age-related issues                                       NA      
  • Gynecological History

    Medical Condition Yes    No   
    Infertility NA  
    Prior Cervical Surgery (LEEP, Cone Biopsy) NA  
    History of DES exposure NA  
    History of abnormal PAP smear NA  
    Prior uterine surgery NA  
    History of uterine malformation NA  
    History of uterus opening up too early NA  
    History of uterine, ovarian or breast cancer NA  
    Fibroids, PCOS or Endometriosis NA  
    Hysterectomy NA  
    Multiple or Late Trimester Miscarriages NA  
    Miscarriages, still births, or neonatal deaths NA  
  • Medical Treatments

      Condition            Diagnosis          Treatment       Result           
    1. NA      
  • Surgeries

      Type of Surgery Reason for Surgery Year Completed Outcome of Surgery
    1. ACL Reconstruction Torn ACL 2018 Fixed ACL, fully recovered 
  • Psychological

    Medical Condition Family Member Age of Onset Current Condition Age of Death (if applicable)
    Alcohol or Drug Addiction No      
    Depression No      
    Anxiety/Panic Attacks No      
    Schizophrenia No      
    Bipolar Disorder No      
    Age-related issues        
  • Mental Health

      If Yes, please explain No
    Have you ever been hospitalized for mental illness?   ✔️
    Have you ever considered committing suicide?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to intentionally hurt yourself?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to hurt a child or baby?   ✔️
    Are you currently in counseling?   ✔️
    Have you ever had an eating disorder?   ✔️
  • Family Health History

    Relative Current Age Health Issues (If dead) Age of Death (if dead) Cause of Death
    Paternal Grandmother 81 Stroke    
    Paternal Grandfather N/A      
    Maternal Grandmother     47 Infection
    Maternal Grandfather     Unknown Unknown
    Father 56 None    
    Mother 52 None    
    Brother #2        
    Brother #3        
    Sister 24 None    
    Sister #2        
    Sister #3        
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