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Hello there, so happy to meet you! I’m ecstatic to go on this journey. I have always lived with my mom and had a very happy childhood. As an only child, I was independent from a young age and always seemed more mature than my age. My immediate family is just my mom and dad, but I have more family members in other parts of the world that we traveled to see. I have always been studious, extroverted, friendly, and kind. I enjoy having new experiences, whether it’s going to a new place, meeting new people, or trying new activities. My mother and I share similar personalities as she is jovial, goofy, and caring. 

  • Ethnicity

    1/2 African American, 1/2 Jamaican

  • Height

    5 Feet 7 Inches (170.18 CM)

  • Weight

    123 LBS (55.91 KG)

  • Eye Color


  • Hair Color


  • Blood Type


  • Distinguishing Features

    I have a small waist, long arms, a slender figure, and small dimples next to both eyes.

  • Age


  • Availability

    Currently Available

  • Education

    Completed B.S. in History at Kenyon College, GPA 3.4
    Completed M.S. in Hospitality Management at Temple University, GPA 4.0

  • Ivy League or Top 20 College


  • Achievements

    Junior National Honor Society: 2012-2013
    Academic Honor Roll: 2012-2016
    Beta Club: 2013-2016
    Bible Bowl Captain and Most Valuable Player at my church: 2013
    National Honors Society: 2014-2016
    National Arts Society: 2015
    Senior Class President: 2015-2016
    Best Praise Dance Choreographer: 2014 
    Most Books Read in Orange School District: 2013
    Jamaica Organization of New Jersey Scholarship: 2016

    I am also very talented at conversation and can talk to a wall if I needed to. People can leave conversations feeling comfortable and as though we were just old friends catching up. I honed the art of conversation my entire life as I maneuvered getting to know people and asking them more about themselves. I can confidently web various topics together and balance being inquisitive and expounding on my experiences. I’m a talker but have also learned how to listen and let others feel heard and valued.

    Since learning how to play in 2019, I have been undefeated in mancala. I have played with multiple people and competed against onlines robots for fun. I do have go-to to strategies, but sometimes I just play free and end up prevailing.

    I have a knack for photography and editing photos. I can see the vision, snap a shot, and end up capturing the vision that I was envisioning. My detail-oriented personality pushes me to get the most aesthetically pleasing photo I can then photo editing skills that help to enhance said photo tremendously.

    I am talented at organization and able to manage a lot of different things at once. I know where everything is and will be able to retrieve either things or information with ease. My room is a perfect reflection of how intentional I can be. I know where every trinket and earring is placed because I believe in putting things back where you found it. 

    I have always been great at dancing and picking up choreography very quickly. I was on school dance teams from 6th grade all the way up to high school. I even joined cheerleading in college and became captain my senior year while also choreographing the dances. I enjoy dancing and finding the rhythm of songs and beats. I used to specialize in modern and ballet, but expanded my tastes to African, Caribbean, and other cultural dances. 

  • Artistic Talents

    I am a soprano singer and played the violin very well in elementary school.

    I have an eye for great pieces that are very aesthetically pleasing when put together. I adopted the minimalist aesthetic and lifestyle when I studied abroad in Denmark and revamped my childhood room to a calm and cozy oasis.

  • Athletic Achievements

    I was a cheerleader in college.

  • Donation Preferences

    Anonymous or Known Donation is fine.

  • Reason for Donating

    I empathize with those who cannot have children and be honored to perform this act of service. I had a very supportive and loving family growing up so I would want to give a couple the opportunity to start a family of their own and it is special to me to help someone fulfill their dreams of being a parent.

  • Donation History

    New Donor.

  • Compensation

    $8000-$10,000 compensation. The compensation I receive for my egg donation will start me on my path to a debt-free life. The burden of my student loan will be eased by this gift, and I can start my path to a career. I am extremely interested in traveling and getting those once in a lifetime experience, so not having to worry about debt and building interest will give me peace of mind.

  • Relatives

  • Family Members Physical Characteristics

  • Family Education

  • Family Personalities & Trait

  • Career Goals


  • Daily Activities


  • Personality & Disposition


  • Passion & Hobbies


  • Childhood & Adolescent Personality


  • Growing Up


  • Most Admire


  • Famous Person Donor would Play in a Movie


  • Travel


  • Favorite Things


  • Neurological History

    Medical Condition

    Family      Member    




    Age of Death
    ADD or ADHD NA      
    Autism / Asperger's NA      
    Learning Disability                                 NA      
    Mental Retardation NA      
    Paralysis  NA      
    Dementia NA      
    Epilepsy NA      
    Alzheimer's NA      
    Multiple sclerosis NA      
    Parkinson's                      NA      
    Migraines NA      
    Age-related issues                                       NA      
  • Gynecological History

    Medical Condition Yes    No   
    Infertility NA  
    Prior Cervical Surgery (LEEP, Cone Biopsy) NA  
    History of DES exposure NA  
    History of abnormal PAP smear NA  
    Prior uterine surgery NA  
    History of uterine malformation NA  
    History of uterus opening up too early NA  
    History of uterine, ovarian or breast cancer NA  
    Fibroids, PCOS or Endometriosis NA  
    Hysterectomy NA  
    Multiple or Late Trimester Miscarriages NA  
    Miscarriages, still births, or neonatal deaths NA  
  • Medical Treatments

    Medical Condition Date of Diagnosis Treatment Prescribed Result of Treatment
    1. NA      
  • Surgeries

      Type of Surgery Reason for Surgery Year Completed Outcome of Surgery
  • Psychological







    Age of Death 
    Alcohol or Drug Addiction NA      
    Depression NA      
    Panic Attacks NA      
    Schizophrenia         NA      
    Bipolar Disorder                                    NA      
    Age-related NA      
  • Mental Health

      If Yes, please explain No
    Have you ever been hospitalized for mental illness?   ✔️
    Have you ever considered committing suicide?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to intentionally hurt yourself?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to hurt a child or baby?   ✔️
    Are you currently in counseling?   ✔️
    Have you ever had an eating disorder?   ✔️
  • Family Health History

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