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Hi! I am an east coaster who is currently giving the west coast a try! I moved to be closer to family, especially my older sister (and best friend)! I am enjoying life and family time.

  • Ethnicity

    Jewish, Caucasian.

  • Height

    5 Feet 6 Inches (167.64 CM)

  • Weight

    140 LBS (63.63 KG)

  • Eye Color


  • Hair Color


  • Blood Type


  • Distinguishing Features

    Dimples, long legs, very shapely, athletic

  • Age


  • Availability

    Currently Available

  • Education

    Bachelor's of Science, University of San Diego.

    Strong in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Coding and English.

  • Ivy League or Top 20 College


  • Achievements

    National Honor Society
    National Spanish Honor Society
    Highest Number of Service Hours

    Very good in Science, Math.

  • Artistic Talents

    Piano in my childhood. Fluent in French

  • Athletic Achievements

    Martial Arts, Fishing, Snorkeling, Swimming and Yoga.

  • Donation Preferences

  • Reason for Donating


  • Donation History

  • Compensation

    $10,000 compensation

  • Relatives

  • Family Members Physical Characteristics

  • Family Education

  • Family Personalities & Trait

  • Career Goals


  • Daily Activities


  • Personality & Disposition

    I have excellent people skills, very positive and bubbly personality

  • Passion & Hobbies

    I love helping people however I can. I have spent time volunteering for Special Olympics, a veterans hospital, sports teams, etc. I love making a difference.

  • Childhood & Adolescent Personality


  • Growing Up


  • Most Admire

    I admire my sister the most. She has the biggest and purest heart. She gives and gives and expects nothing in return, I strive to be more like her every day.

  • Famous Person Donor would Play in a Movie

    I feel like I would play Jackie O. She got an education and then stood by with strength during tough times. She did everything with style and grace.

  • Travel

    I have traveled around the United States and yearn to travel more. I want to go all around Europe and just soak up all the history and culture.

  • Favorite Things


  • Neurological History

    Medical Condition

    Family      Member    




    Age of Death
    ADD or ADHD NA      
    Autism / Asperger's NA      
    Learning Disability                                 NA      
    Mental Retardation NA      
    Paralysis  NA      
    Dementia NA      
    Epilepsy NA      
    Alzheimer's NA      
    Multiple sclerosis NA      
    Parkinson's                      NA      
    Migraines NA      
    Age-related issues                                       NA      
  • Gynecological History

    Medical Condition Yes    No   
    Infertility NA  
    Prior Cervical Surgery (LEEP, Cone Biopsy) NA  
    History of DES exposure NA  
    History of abnormal PAP smear NA  
    Prior uterine surgery NA  
    History of uterine malformation NA  
    History of uterus opening up too early NA  
    History of uterine, ovarian or breast cancer NA  
    Fibroids, PCOS or Endometriosis NA  
    Hysterectomy NA  
    Multiple or Late Trimester Miscarriages NA  
    Miscarriages, still births, or neonatal deaths NA  
  • Medical Treatments

    Medical Condition Date of Diagnosis Treatment Prescribed Result of Treatment
    1. NA      
  • Surgeries

      Type of Surgery Reason for Surgery Year Completed Outcome of Surgery
    1. Adenoidectomy   2002 good
    2. Tonsillectomy   2009 good
  • Psychological







    Age of Death 
    Alcohol or Drug Addiction NA      
    Depression NA      
    Panic Attacks NA      
    Schizophrenia         NA      
    Bipolar Disorder                                    NA      
    Age-related NA      
  • Mental Health

      If Yes, please explain No
    Have you ever been hospitalized for mental illness?   ✔️
    Have you ever considered committing suicide?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to intentionally hurt yourself?   ✔️
    Have you ever tried to hurt a child or baby?   ✔️
    Are you currently in counseling?   ✔️
    Have you ever had an eating disorder?   ✔️
  • Family Health History

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